Gender Community Lending Library is a non-profit. We host texts featuring diverse queer experiences, and we provide access to those texts for free. We can’t do this without your support!

We want to be completely transparent about where your donations go. Currently, our expenditure includes:

  • Maintaining the website, so that you can always access GCLL;
  • Postage, so that we can keep the service completely free, host GCLL Penpals, thank authors and hold exciting social media giveaways;
  • Expanding the book collection, so that you can always find the book you’re after;
  • Stationary such as library stamps, postcards, stickers and business cards, so that we can expand our reach and deliver a fantastic service;
  • Subscribing to services like Zoom, so that we can host fascinating talks.

We would also love to provide:

  • Talks by current researchers;
  • Bursaries to help interested trans people attend talks and conferences;
  • Further original research.

You can make this possible by supporting us today.

If you would like to donate one or more books, please email us at However, first make sure that your donations meet the following guidelines.

For the purposes of these guidelines, we interpret ‘trans’ to include a broad range of gender identities, including indigenous and nonbinary gender identities, even where the person in question may not use the term ‘trans’.

  • Non-fiction: The Library is primarily intended to house non-fiction texts, in particular those related to trans people (defined as expansively as possible). For donations, any LGBTQ+ subject matter is acceptable. If a work is not primarily about LGBTQ+ subjects, it must be broadly relevant to LGBTQ+ concerns. For example, works on sex work or community organising may be suitable for the Library. Works by trans authors that don’t follow these guidelines are not currently admitted to the Library.
  • Fiction: Donations must fall into at least one of the following categories: features a major trans character; features a historically important depiction of a character who would now be understood to be trans; written by an openly trans living author or a dead author widely speculated to have been trans; historically important LGBQ+ work. We are not currently accepting works of modern LGBQ+ fiction that do not fall into these categories.
  • Other: We’re willing to discuss all sorts of donations. Poetry, photo books, etc. are welcome. We CANNOT feature DVDs, as we need to abide by copyright legislation to remain online! For similar reasons, we strongly prefer physical books to e-books.
  • Transphobic and homophobic texts: All the works in our collection exist in a particular historical and cultural context, and we expect that some readers may find some works to be offensive. However, certain texts are written with no intention besides propagating hateful views. These may be useful to study, but purchasing them can help to fund and legitimise such views. Please do not purchase modern texts of this sort for the Library. If you are unsure whether a text is more valuable or harmful to purchase, email us. If you already own one or more of these texts and are trying to get rid of them in an ethical way, we welcome your donation. We are likely to restrict the lending of any such books.

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