How to use GCLL
1. Browse the library

The Book List is a list of every text we own. Click on a title for more information. It is sorted into fiction, non-fiction, poetry and comics, and listed alphabetically by author. This is also where you can see whether a book is already checked out.

2. Make a request

Once you have selected a book, request it using the Request form. You can borrow one book at a time. Please doublecheck that you have given us the correct email and postal address! Don’t worry if a book you want is already on loan: we’ll add you to a waiting list so that you get it as soon as possible.

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3. Receive your book

We use Royal Mail second class postage, and we’ll shoot you an email as soon as your book is on its way. If you indicate on the Request form that you need us to pay return postage, we’ll even include stamps.

4. Returns

You can borrow the book for a period of up to one month from sending – we’ll let you know the due date by email. If you want to renew your loan for another month, please use our Renewal form, but bear in mind that if there is a waiting list for the book, you will still need to send it back, since you’ll be added to the bottom of the list.

When you send back your book, let us know using the Return form. This helps us keep track of where our books are!

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