Our goals are based around queer and trans knowledge: conserving it, increasing access to it, and even contributing to it. That’s why, in addition to cataloguing and lending books, we also produce original writing and research on trans subjects.

Daisy May Cliffton

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Transcript of the LGBT History Month talk, 27/2/21
Why include ‘hermaphrodites’?, 19/3/21

We use the British Newspaper Archive, among other archives, to locate people who lived in the UK or were reported on in the UK prior to 1950 and dressed in clothing of the ‘opposite’ sex, went through ‘gender transition’ or were regarded as existing outside a male/female binary. These people are the historical antecedents to modern day trans, intersex and gender nonconforming people, and their stories do not receive enough attention.

This project was inspired by Emily Skidmore’s True Sex.

(Image: Daisy May Cliffton, Sunday Post, 1926, accessed via British Newspaper Archive, copyright British Library Board.)

The first annual Trans Day of Sex and Relationships Education event was held on April 2nd 2022 with 45 attendees. A direct response to Trans Day of Visibility, the event aims to promote conversations on a part of trans life that is both taboo and sensationalised.

Talks in 2022 were:
‘Changes to your junk on estrogen’ – Josie Giles
‘Trans masculine sexuality and TERF rhetoric’ – Rosen
‘A Qualitative Analysis of Transgender Individuals’ Experience Using Dating Apps’ – Dan Griffiths
‘Intimacy and the Changing Body’ – Hava Carvajal

To apply to speak at TDSRE 2023, fill out this form.

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