Book List

This is a list of all texts currently in the Gender Community Lending Library collection. Click on a title for more information. If the book is on loan, you can still request it, but you will be added to a waiting list. ‘Pending’ means that a copy of the book has been pledged to the Library and is on its way.

We also have a list of free books available from other sources.


Queer IntentionsAmelia AbrahamNoneAvailable
Queer CityPeter Ackroyd16+Available
Non-Binary LivesEdited by Meg-John Barker, Kat Gupta, Jos Twist, Ben VincentNoneAvailable
How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly PlaceEllie Barnes, Anna CarlileNoneOn Loan
Transgender People and EducationClare Bartholomaeus, Damien RiggsNone On Loan
Transgender CinemaRebecca Bell-MetereauNoneAvailable
Trans MissionAlex BertieNoneAvailable
Memoirs of a Man’s Maiden YearsN. O. BodyNoneAvailable
Queer Kinship and Family Changes in TaiwanAmy Brainer16+Available
KaramoKaramo Brown16+Available
After EunuchsHoward Chiang16+Available
Transtopia in the Sinophone PacificHoward ChiangApril release
Gears for QueersLilith Cooper, Abigail MeltonNoneOn Loan
Man-Made WomanCiara Cremin16+Available
Heterosexual HistoriesRebecca L. Davis, Michele Mitchell16+Available
What’s the T?Juno DawsonNoneAvailable
The Red in the RainbowHannah Dee16+Available
Sapphic SlashersLisa Duggan16+Available
TERF WarsSonja Erikainen, Ruth Pearce, Ben VincentNoneOn Loan
The History of Sexuality: 1:
The Will to Knowledge
Michel Foucault
(Translated by Robert Hurley)
Blind to SamenessAsia FriedmanNoneAvailable
Representing Queer and Transgender IdentityAlexandra Gonzenbach Perkins16+Available
Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval HagiographyEdited by Blake Gutt and Alicia Spencer-HallNoneAvailable
Gender TraumaAlex IantaffiNoneAvailable
Queer Lovers and Hateful OthersJin Haritaworn16+On Loan
Sporting GenderJoanna HarperNoneAvailable
The New WomanEmma Heaney16+Available
TestosteroneRebecca Jordan-Young, Katrina Karkazis16+Available
TransJuliet JacquesNoneAvailable
Growing Older as a Trans and/or Non-Binary PersonJennie KermodeNoneAvailable
IshtyleKareem KhubchandaniNoneAvailable
Original PlumbingEdited by Rocco Kayiatos, Amos Mac18+On Loan
Trans Like MeCN LesterNoneAvailable
The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne ListerAnne Lister
(Edited by Helena Whitbread)
The Narrative of Lucy Ann LobdellJoseph Lobdell
(Edited by Lisa Macchia Ohliger)
Female HusbandsJen ManionNoneOn loan
America Through Transgender EyesLain A.B. Mathers, J.E. SumerauNoneAvailable
Before TransRachel Mesch16+Available
Towards a Gay CommunismMario Mieli
(Translated by David Fernbach and Evan Calder Williams)
Transgender ResistanceLaura MilesNoneAvailable
Camp TVQuinn MillerNoneAvailable
Gender PoliticsSurya Monro16+Available
nîtisânakJas M. Morgan16+Available
ConundrumJan MorrisNoneAvailable
After Queer TheoryJames Penney16+Available
Queering FamiliesCarla Pfeffer16+Available
(Translated by Robin Waterfield)
Working with Transgender Young People and their FamiliesDamien RiggsNoneAvailable
Queer SexJuno Roche18+Available
Conditionally AcceptedBaker RogersNoneAvailable
Trans Men in the SouthBaker Rogers16+Available
A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical RecordsNorena ShoplandNoneAvailable
You’ve ChangedEdited by Laurie ShrageNoneAvailable
True SexEmily SkidmoreNoneAvailable
Black on Both SidesC. Riley SnortonNoneAvailable
SpectrumsEdited by Maxfield SparrowNoneAvailable
Transgender HistorySusan StrykerNoneAvailable
The Transgender Studies ReaderEdited by Susan Stryker, Stephen Whittle16+Available
Beyond the Gender BinaryAlok Vaid-MenonNoneAvailable
Transgender HealthBen VincentNoneAvailable
Chemically-Enhanced ButchTy Bo Yule16+Available


If We ShadowsD.E. AtwoodNoneAvailable
NightwoodDjuna Barnes16+Available
The Literature of LesbianismEdited by Terry CastleNoneAvailable
The Thirty Names of NightZeyn Joukhadar16+Available
My Crunchy LifeMia Kerick16+Available
Detransition, BabyTorrey Peters16+On loan
Infect Your Friends and Loved OnesTorrey Peters16+Available
Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian)Hazel Jane Plante16+Available
Little FishCasey Plett18+Available
Confessions of the FoxJordy Rosenberg18+Available
7 MinutesPaul Van Der Spiegel18+Available
Trans DeusPaul Van Der Spiegel18+Available
Fierce Femmes and Notorious LiarsKai Cheng Thom16+Available
On Earth We’re Briefly GorgeousOcean Vuong16+Available
Gaudy BaubleIsabel WaidnerNoneAvailable
We Are Made Of Diamond StuffIsabel WaidnerNoneAvailable
The Picture of Dorian GrayOscar WildeNoneAvailable
Small BeautyJia Qing Wilson-YangNoneAvailable
OrlandoVirginia WoolfNoneAvailable


The Black FlamingoDean AttaNoneAvailable
Clouds Cannot Cover UsJay HulmeNoneAvailable
ZOM-FAMKama La MackerelNoneAvailable
Lyric Sexology Vol. 1Trish Salah16+Available
Femme in PublicAlok Vaid-Menon16+Available


Come TogetherEdited by Alex Assan, Tab Kimpton18+Available
Love is LoveEdited by Sarah Gaydos, Jamie S. Rich16+Available
AmbrosiaEdited by Tab Kimpton, Jade Sarson18+Available
Minority MonstersTab KimptonNoneAvailable
Shades of ATab Kimpton18+Available
Sir, Butler & BoyTab Kimpton18+Available
NimonaNoelle StevensonNoneAvailable
About GCLL’s Restricted Books

We restrict access to some of our books, typically by user age due to the presence of sexual content. We do this very carefully. The decisions are made case by case by the Library administration.

We expect many of our users to be teenagers. This is because teenagers can find it harder to gain access to queer content, whether because they cannot travel to libraries alone, or because they live with parents who are not accepting of their gender or sexual orientation. We don’t believe it is reasonable to expect many – or any – younger children to find and use this website. Our decisions are made with this in mind.

Whilst most teenagers with internet access have been exposed to far more explicit content than GCLL provides access to, there are laws around ‘obscene’ publications and whom they can be provided to. Similar projects to GCLL are often harassed by anti-transgender hate groups. Many of these groups have the funding and inclination to take us to court. We have to balance trying to provide the very best service that we can, with trying to remain online. For that reason, although we don’t believe that restricting access to books containing sexual content is always helpful to teenagers, we do so. Our guidelines are as follows:

Sexual education books that are appropriate for teenagers will NEVER be restricted. It’s important to us that young people can find open, honest answers to questions about sex. This includes texts providing details around transgender medical treatments and surgeries. Even where minors are not currently provided with these treatments in the UK, it’s important that all people are allowed to consider transition, for as long as they need, with access to accurate information.

Likewise, we will never restrict access to novels written with a teenage audience in mind. These books can be found in the teen fiction section of libraries and bookshops across the country.

Novels with some sexual content and non-fiction that examines sexual experiences from an academic perspective, will typically be restricted to users aged 16+. For example, the novel On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is a widely acclaimed, semi-autobiographical story about a young Vietnamese-American gay man. It contains a sex scene, descriptions of violence, and discussion of drug use. But, we don’t regard it as inappropriate for 16-18 year olds, and neither do the schools that teach it in their English classes. The sex scene is brief and non-explicit, and neither violence or drug use are glorified. We are happy to lend this book to any users aged 16 or over.

Similarly, the non-fiction book Queering Families is classed in our collection as 16+. This is because it discusses the sex lives of transgender men and their feelings around their genitals – in very little detail. The book is informative, not explicit.

Should we stock texts that are explicit guides to partnered sex, these will be restricted to 18+ users. Likewise, any novels with explicit sex scenes will be classed as 18+. An example currently in our collection is Confessions of the Fox.

Again, we don’t want to give the impression that we believe that this content to be disgusting, inflammatory or offensive. Sex is an ordinary, important part of the lives of most queer people, and queer sexuality in particular has been stigmatised and villified for centuries. We are proud to stock texts about queer sexuality. However, it is just as important to us that GCLL can remain online, and this involves preventing minors gaining access to some works.

We hope you understand our reasoning. If you have any queries around why a specific text is classified the way that it is, contact us.

Published by Gender Community Lending Library

We lend trans and queer books to people across the UK, with a focus on academic research.

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