Come Together, edited by Tab Kimpton and Alex Assan

Title: Come Together: A European Anthology of Erotic Comics
Author: Edited by Tab Kimpton and Alex Assan
Publisher: Khaos
Published: 2019
Pages: 196
Format: Paperback

This book was kindly donated by an editor.

Come Together is an erotic anthology featuring a host of comic talents from all over Europe

Our book’s theme is Reunion; old friends sharing sizzling tension in a Finnish sauna, long distance lovers yearning for each other on a train ride to rural Italy, rival fashion designers clashing in battles of sexual prowess in Berlin, and more.  

Thirteen stories from many cultures and countries, covering a multitude of times, places, peoples and sexualities… In a world growing increasingly more divided, it’s time to Come Together.  

(Text from Discord Comics.)

Published by Gender Community Lending Library

We lend trans and queer books to people across the UK, with a focus on academic research.

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