Incomplete Volume 2, Chloe McGenn

Title: Incomplete Volume 2
Author: Chloe McGenn
Publisher: LifesBigCanva
Published: 2020
Pages: 252
Format: Paperback

This book was a kind donation from the author.

Pip, a friendly hospital volunteer, and Matt, one of the patients in the spinal injury unit, have spent months becoming closer. Finally, it looks like they’re making the transition into something more than just friendship.

But what does that really mean for them, and for the people around them?


This paperback edition collects chapters 10 to 17, as well as extra pages of behind the scenes information, illustrations, and a new story written just for this volume. The chapters also differ slightly from the Tapas versions as they’ve been redrawn for this edition.

(Text from LifesBigCanvas.)

Published by Gender Community Lending Library

We lend trans and queer books to people across the UK, with a focus on academic research.

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