Las Biuty Queens, Iván Monalisa Ojeda, translated by Hannah Kauders

Title: Las Biuty Queens
Author: Iván Monalisa Ojeda
Publisher: Hatchette
Published: 2021 (originally published in Spanish, 2019)
Pages: 163
Format: Paperback

Las Biuty Queens: a group of trans Latinx immigrant friends who walk the streets of New York, smoke crystal meth, compete in beauty contests, look for clients on their impossibly high heels and fall prey to increasingly cruel immigration policies.

Drawing from his/her own perspective as a trans performer, sex worker and undocumented immigrant, acclaimed Chilean writer Iván Monalisa Ojeda shines a light on a group of friends trying to survive the dark side of the American Dream and introduces readers to an unfamiliar, glittering and violent New York City that will draw them in and swallow them whole.

(Text from Hatchette.)

Published by Gender Community Lending Library

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